Help to write Fighting Fake News Articles

Thank you for offering your help in writing our Fighting fake news articles (Fighting FUD). the Below instruction will include everything you need to know to help!

Step 1: Check out the article tracker, Choose an article and put your name by it: Fighting Fud Tracker 

Step 2: Have a look at the example article:

Step 3:
Do your research, and write the article remembering the key points:

  • Keep it short and relevant to the subject
  • Reference your sources
  • Use pictures/diagrams  where possible
  • Use bullet points where possible
  • Keep it to the facts not opinion

Step 4: How do I submit content?

  1. All supporters can submit content within

  2. If you wish to provide more help (e.g. writing multiple articles or amending existing) speak with the Web Manager or who can help further by swapping your account to an ‘Author’.

Step 5: After submitting your guide

  • The Tesla Owners UK team will check over the content and make any amendments (e.g. formatting) and add any required images

  • Once ready it will be posted on the Fighting FUDsection of the website for all to view

  • Notes: If you have seen new fake news please add it to the tracker so we can write a article.