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Topics: Upgrading / Modifying / Fixing

How to guides on how to upgrade your Tesla.

Remember modifying your vehicle may invalidate part of its warranty so be careful and check with Tesla if you’re unsure, also any modifications will most likely need to be OK’d with your car insurance company.

To the best of our knowledge, these guides are correct and factual however we take no responsibility if something does go wrong. If you spot a mistake please ensure you alert us.

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I’ve got V10, what features will I get with my car? Smart Summon? Netflix? YouTube? New Driver Visualisation? Joe Mode?

Common issues with Tesla vehicles, the solutions, warranty information and consumer rights

Wrapping the dash, center console, and yacht floor of a Tesla Model S

The location of my car is wrong on the nav/app, why? How do I fix?

Why does the web browser / YouTube app think I am in a different country (Spain / Holland)? How to fix, why it happens etc

The window on my Tesla will not go up all the way – What is the problem? How do I fix it?

How to replace the Tesla Model 3 Cabin Filter

My Tesla Windscreen is damaged, what should I do? Part numbers, how to measure chips & whether you need to have your windscreen calibrated.

Can you repair acoustic Tesla tyres? Short Answer: Yes – Long answer in the post + guide on how to do it

Model 3 key – Do I need it? What are the benefits?

My 12V battery is empty or my car is completely dead as I stupidly forgot to plug it in when it was very low and left it for too long what do I do guide

Must have accessories for your Tesla Model S

How to wrap your Model S centre console sliding door trim in carbon fibre

Essential Maintenance you can do yourself on your Tesla + the other things you should be doing

How to remove the rear plastic from Model X seats

My wipers suck, what can I do? How to replace, alternative options etc

How to Vinyl Wrap something (e.g. Model X Seats)

Things to do before your Tesla Warranty Expires

Rainwater Capture for Car Washing

How to Properly Jack Up a Tesla Model S, X or 3, so you don’t damage the ~£30,000+ battery

Model S Doorhandle Colour Changes + Dechrome Examples

I’ve just been in an accident in my Tesla, what should I do?

What’s an MCU? Which MCU do I have? What’s the difference between MCU & FSD? Why does my car not get the latest software features? How do I speed up my MCU?

Can my tyre be repaired?

Using Siri / OK Google / Alexa to control your Tesla

Premium Connectivity Explained – Your options, prices and what is/isn’t included

Buying parts and accessories from Tesla

I’ve got fogging, mist, condensation or water inside the lights what should I do?

CASE CLOSED: eMMC chip failure, what is it? should I be worried? what can I do?

Tesla Service Schedule

Protecting against future wheel damage / Fixing wheel damage

Tesla Ceramic Coatings Explained

Tesla Car Mats Explained + the alternatives

Tesla Paint codes (Wheels / Workshops / Stores / Brand)

Winter Tyre choice

Must have accessories for your Tesla Model 3 & Y in 2022

Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Tesla – Is it worth it?

Tesla MOT Testing information

My charge port has snapped or broken inside – What can I do?

Tesla Model S aftermarket audio option – UK specific article

Glossary / Acronyms

Door Handle Problems with Tesla Model S – How to fix / parts / consumer rights etc

Upgrading the LEDs on the Tesla Model S (Puddle Lights Edition)

Emergency Car Kit