Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD) - How to fight fake news

As Tesla owners, we have probably been challenged about our decision to buy our ultimate eco-friendly car. “Is it actually bad for the environment really?” , “Doesn’t it just move the emissions to the coal powerstation?”

These are a series of answers to the most common questions that you might get as a Tesla owner.

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Electric Cars are still powered by coal and other dirty fossil fuels, they just move the problem.

The tyres and brake pads still pollute the air

The cars are heavy, surely that means the roads will wear out quicker?

Electric cars increase the numbers of people on the road, surely that isn’t a good thing?

The environment would be better off if I just kept my current petrol car.

Engine Idling and Vehicle Pollution Posters / Best Practice Letters / Links to News / Videos etc

Comparison of Hydrogen vs Battery Electric Vehicles

EV’s Catch Fire more often than Traditional Cars

Cobalt Mined by Children

Self charging Hybrids

It takes 6 years to train to work on a EV

FUD: Electric cars can’t travel long distances

FUD: Range is really important and a hybrid would be a better option

Volvo claim an electric car takes 70,000 miles to pay back battery production emissions

Fighting FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) aimed at electric cars (including sources), infographics, links, wording and pictures ready for you to copy and paste