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Remember modifying your vehicle may invalidate part of its warranty so be careful and check with Tesla if you’re unsure, also any modifications will most likely need to be OK’d with your car insurance company.

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New Car Collection Checklist (Version 3 – 2022)

I want to tour the Tesla Factory, Assembly Line, Gigafactory, Hawthorne Studio, Service Centre and/or SpaceX facilities how do I get an invite?

All the best Tesla Factory videos in one place

How to reduce battery drain (aka vampire drain) when you leave your Tesla parked up (Phantom Drain)

Tesla UK Contact Numbers & Emails for Service & Parts

Step-by-step method to clean your Tesla, the products to use & how to overcome fogging/algae buildup

100 things you never knew about your Tesla (Model S & X edition)

Should I get breakdown cover for my Tesla? What cover does Tesla provide?

Charging Cables and Adapters

WiFi hotspot Tip – Setup before you need it

How to Properly Jack Up a Tesla Model S, X or 3, so you don’t damage the ~£30,000+ battery

What are LFP batteries, and why do Tesla use them?

In car screen tricks + recommended web pages

How to apply for the 100% discount (Cleaner Vehicle Discount) on the London Congestion Charge and ULEZ

Tesla Warranty Documents / Guide on escalating issues / UK Consumer Law / How to report faults to DVSA / How to take issues to Small Claims Court or Money Claim Online

Charging Terminology

Everything you learn as a new Tesla owner in winter

A brief introduction to the Tesla Model S / X (for the complete novice)

How to reboot your Tesla if something is going wrong

All of Tesla’s User Manuals, Emergency Guides and Warranty Info in one place

Tesla Wheel Torque Settings

Recommended 3rd Party Software

Easter Eggs (Hidden Software) for your Tesla

Which tyres for my Tesla? Model S, 3, X & Y

I’m a new Tesla reservation holder and I’ve seen some negative posts should I be worried? Should I cancel my order?

How to Defeat Tesla Thieves

Tesla Car Mats Explained + the alternatives

Tesla Paint codes (Wheels / Workshops / Stores / Brand)

Winter Tyre choice

Tyre Pressures for Tesla Model S & X

How to fit and use a French Autoroute Toll Tag

How many reversing lights does a Tesla have?

Tesla MOT Testing information

Firmware / Software Updates Explained

Tesla Service and Stores Explained

How to get the most range out of your Tesla + how weather affects range

Glossary / Acronyms

Tesla Charging Etiquette


Which insurance company should I get a quote from? What about GAP insurance?

Sentry Mode / Dash Camera – What’s the best storage to buy? How do I format it?

Getting full performance out of a Tesla P Model & how to use launch mode

Tesla Mobile Connector (sometimes referred to as a UMC / Universal Mobile Connector) Explained including Gen 1 & Gen 2 differences