Thank you for offering to pass on your expertise and experiences by writing content for other owners in the UK, it’s really appreciated by not only the Tesla Owners UK team but also all UK Tesla Owners.

What we hope you can provide:

  • Useful and unique content for the website to help other owners similar to you that may not have the full understanding of a particular task or issue.
  • Detailed step-by-step guides for technical/complex processes.
  • Unique imagery (if possible) to explain the article

What incentives are there?

  • We thank our authors in a unique way, more will be revealed after several approved posts.

Before creating a guide please:

  1. Kindly check to see if a similar guide already exists or another could be slightly amended to add the content you’re thinking of creating. If you wish to make changes to an existing article visit the article and at the bottom click on ‘Like or Dislike’ and a box will appear to provide feedback, this gets checked by the team periodically and changes will be made ASAP.
  2. You may wish to write the content on Google Docs or similar before adding it to as formating isn’t ideal. If you plan to write lots of content please get in touch with the web manager who can help by swapping your account to an Author.

Things to consider:

  • Try to remove any personal opinions/bias.
  • Ensure you suitably reference any 3rd party content.
  • See where you can cross-link to similar guides to remove duplication of content.
  • No personal referral links or self-promotion allowed.

How do I submit content?

After submitting your guide:

  • The Tesla Owners UK team will check over the content and make any amendments (e.g. formatting) and add any required images.
  • Once ready it will be posted on the guides section of the website for all to view.

Thank you, if you have any questions please contact the team.

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