Requesting a Tesla show and tell for your school, nursery or youth organisation

It’s clear generation z and younger are laser-focused on the environment and the rather poor job previous generations have done to protect it, the one thing that continually excites Tesla owners is that young people just ‘get it’, they understand that electric cars are part of the solution and they often know more about the cars than our actual owners do!

For several years we’ve quietly offered any school in the UK the ability to request our attendance to attend with 1 or 2 cars to simply show the children the technology of the cars, answer questions and/or do a 5-10 minute speech, however, from October 2019 we’ve opened this up and will be actively promoting this free service to all schools, child focused groups (e.g. cubs/guides/scouts) etc.

So if you run a school, class, group please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will need the following answers:
  • Location
  • 3 suitable dates & times
  • Whether we can combine our visit alongside other classes, e.g. 5+ classes in one visit
  • Confirmation we have approval to visit and/or the name/contact details of the person ultimately responsible for our approval to be on site
  • Further information

Please read before submitting the form below

Is there a cost?
Is this sponsored by Tesla or any 3rd party companies?
Are our volunteers DBS checked?
What is included in the Teacher & Pupil Pack?
How do I help as a Tesla owner?
What is included in the Tesla Owner 'Show & Tell' Pack/Guidance​?
What about other events that aren't child focused?

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