Pirelli Tyres Ltd

Key Partner

The Pirelli name is synonymous with High Performance Tyres, and Tesla Owners UK is delighted to have Pirelli on board as a Key partner.

Pirelli will be offering a very special deal:

Tesla Owners UK paid supporters can now get up to £120 on a pre-paid Mastercard for every 4 x Pirelli tyres purchased (for either their Tesla or a 2nd vehicle)

  1. Visit a Pirelli Performance Centre (130 locations across the UK)
  2. Agree on a price for your tyres and fitting (you potentially can get them to price match)
  3. Purchase at the price agreed and keep your receipt
  4. Visit the Tesla Owners Web Page on the Pirelli site and register, ensuring you have your Tesla Owners UK Membership Number to hand (this is on the members page)
  5. Wait for your pre-paid Mastercard to arrive in the post, spend it on anything.

Cashback amounts vary:

18″ & 19″
2 tyres = £50 | 4 tyres = £100

20″ and above
2 tyres = £60 | 4 tyres = £120

A maximum of 8 tyres per member per year. Terms apply.