Tesla Owners UK actions on widespread issues

Premium Connectivity

Cars ordered prior to June 2019 were meant to have arrived with Premium Connectivity as standard.

  1. May 2020 – Letter to members with an update
  2. May 2020 – Letter sent to Tesla
  3. May 2020 – We raise the issue + letter with EMEA management
  4. June 2020 – We continue two-way discussions on this issue with Tesla and remind them of the fast-approaching deadline, they confirm they’re fully aware of the issue and continue to thoroughly investigate the issue.
  5. August 2020 – We again raise this issue and are told it’s still being investigated
  6. August 2020 – We finalise the documents and ability for paid supporters to seek free 10 minutes of legal advice
  7. August 2020 – We raise the issue directly with Elon’s team
  8. September 2020 – We push back to Tesla UK how this issue is wrong and they’re on the wrong side of this.
  9. September 2020 – We raise the issue directly with Elon.
  10. October 2020 – A few owners that followed Money Claim Online Route (as outlined here) win their cases as Tesla fail to defend
  11. October 2020 – We remind EMEA and US teams that this will likely cost them 3x the cost of just enabling Premium Connectivity across the cars that are affected.
  12. October 2020 – Several owners noticing changes taking place within their accounts, many now showing ‘Premium Connectivity | Free Unlimited’