Tesla Owners UK actions on widespread issues


What the Telsa Owners UK club has done to alleviate charge gate issues experienced by owners

  1. June 2019 – We start to notice a trend of posts on this issue and the first use of the term Chargegate
  2. July 2019 – We escalate this issue to the EU Escalation team and Tesla UK teams as the minimum criteria has been met, we link to 9 posts about the issue and the various discussions therewith and request an update.
  3. July 2019 – We get feedback that it’s being investigated
  4. September 2019 – We request topics to discuss with Tesla from members, Chargegate/Batterygate is referenced
  5. October 2019 – We poll members to request feedback on what we should discuss with Tesla
  6. October 2019 – We raise the 17 issues with Elon’s team (one of which is Chargegate/Batterygate and another is Tesla’s mocking of other cars on public social media that cannot play Netflix etc, something that the majority of the Tesla fleet cannot do either), they state they’re investigating but it’s not clear if Elon is made aware of all of the issues.
  7. November 2019 – We meet with Tesla UK and they provide a statementon the issue, we go back with them with examples of where we believe Tesla are failing customers.
  8. November 2019 – Will Fealey (President) meets with Tesla’s Senior Vice Presidents of Powertrain & Energy Engineering and references the issue.
  9. December 2019 – We create a poll + raise awareness of the issue to get an idea on the scope of the problem
  10. December 2019 – We request a new digital escalation method for UK customer concerns to stop people having to write letters etc – This is actioned + a statement from Tesla UK management
  11. January 2020 – We request Tesla UK provides us an update on the issue
  12. January 2020 – Various delays and we chase for a statement, it’s provided but we refuse to post it as we believe it doesn’t suitably address the issue, we return a 900-word email to Tesla outlining our frustrations and calls for action to ensure this issue dealt with promptly
  13. January 2020 – a new statement is provided and we publish it alongside an update
  14. January 2020 – New Tesla Warranty Documents are created for all new cars and we notice the removal of warranty documents from MyTesla accounts, we create and document all warranty documents (also available to all associate members) for all cars, alongside creating this article to highlight consumer law and how to escalate beyond Tesla.
  15. January 2020 – We hold fire on confirming some large scale events due to previously raised concerns
  16. Feb 2020 – We ask members to complete a survey to find some examples to provide to Tesla with examples of when consumer law should have protected owners (in their opinion) but it wasn’t actioned, we pass on this feedback.
  17. Feb 2020 – We send a letter to EMEA VP – You can view the main points of the letter here
  18. March 2020 – The response back to the letter
  19. March 2020 – We responded back asking for clarification on a few more points that weren’t suitably addressed.
  20. March 2020 – We received a response back stating to please wait for further clarification to our points
  21. April 2020 – We update this article and continue to remind owners of warranty & consumer law
  22. May 2020 – This EMEA VP leaves the company allegedly because of disagreements with Elon Musk.
  23. May 2020 – We raise the issue again with Tesla UK
  24. May 2020 – We make a public request to Elon on Twitter
  25. May 2020 – We’ve made contact with the EMEA VP replacement and are hoping for an update soon.
  26. June 2020 – We’re waiting for contact but in the meanwhile, we’re seeing if we can update our consumer rights and warranty information pages for members, the executive committee continue to discuss our options and we await further responses from Tesla.
  27. August 2020 – We finalise the documents and ability for paid supporters to seek free 10 minutes of legal advice
  28. August 2020 – We arrange a discussion with senior management to get an update on this issue. We work alongside other clubs across the world to highlight this issue and request a suitable solution.
  29. September 2020 – We push back to Tesla UK for an update
  30. October 2020 – Some owners reporting improvements
  31. October/November 2020 – We’re promised software changes will take place to mitigate this issue
  32. December 2020 – It’s confirmed the software has been changed to mitigate the majority of this issue. Software version 2020.48.26.
  33. January 2021-May 2021 – We see a mixed response to the software update and many still waiting for it but due to Covid-19 restrictions many haven’t been able to fully test
  34. May 2021 – We notice a growing number of owners still with the issue
  35. June 2021 – We create a sub group of our discussion group to discuss
  36. We email all members in the UK highlighting the sub-group
  37. July 2021 – Will Fealey speaks with Tesla UK to highlight the US settlement and push for a proactive response/solution from Tesla.
  38. July 2021 – The club tweets this to Elon Musk and Tesla employees see it and reach out to explain work is underway.
  39. August 2021 – The Tesla Owners UK Committee discuss Chargegate again in depth and confirm that we will collect email addresses of those still affected to better communicate with them, collect the VINs of those still affected and pass back to Tesla for investigation and answers.
  40. August 2021 – We meet with these members to help formalise a plan and offer our help.
  41. August 2021 – We ask Tesla the 5 questions agreed by the sub-group
  42. August 2021 – We hear back from Tesla on the 5 questions where they ask for a list of VINs of those affected
  43. August 2021 – We publish this survey asking for further details to send to Tesla