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¹ All discount codes and other Tesla related offers are subject to change without notice

² Terms and conditions apply further information on Pirelli.com

³ Cost of £6 per rental & £1 per day. Collection from several UK sites or delivery available at cost.

⁴ FREE 10 minute consultation with a London Law Firm on any legal matter (related to your Tesla ownership or otherwise). 

  • Optional Owners Welcome Pack
  • Your vote at the AGM
  • Ability to buy Tesla Owners UK Merch (e.g. our Polo shirt)
  • Over 50 Exclusive Discounts¹
  • Access to Club Only Events
  • Priority Access to Tesla Owners UK events
  • Up to £240 in cashback on Pirelli tyres each year²
  • EU Cable & CHAdeMO Rentals³
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  • Free Legal Advice⁴
  • Educational programme full access
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  • Access to our Advocacy Team
  • Access to concise information on important issues (e.g. Premium Connectivity)
  • List your holiday home (if it has an EV charger) for free
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  • Read the minutes/notes from our meetings with the committee/Tesla etc.
  • Monthly email newsletter
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We have numerous supporter options including:

Follow the instructions on the above links to become a paid supporter. These are subscriptions which will renew each year on the anniversary of purchase, however, you can amend or cancel your subscription at any point from your account. 

Tesla Owners UK has to meet certain criteria to be officially recognized by Tesla, including but not limited to giving access to view our not for profit yearly accounts etc, confirmation of our status can be found on https://engage.tesla.com/clubs/uk

In the UK we’re registered as a not for profit company limited by guarantee (registration number 12049084) with registered office at Oaklands, St Clere Hill Road, Sevenoaks, TN15 6AH. The company’s constitution prohibits any distribution to members or officers, and all funds held are used to further its aims and to benefit its members.

Funds are spent on various projects that are outlined by the Tesla Owners UK President each year during the AGM, all of the projects aim to get us closer to reaching our mission. We’re all volunteers and take no salary and only necessary expenses inline with our club rules.

A lot of work goes into this passion project and over the years we’ve spent a lot of time and our own money getting to this point, as I’m sure you can imagine a lot happens behind the scenes to keep the group running smoothly, we hope you support us with our mission by purchasing a welcome pack & becoming a yearly supporter.

All committee members and the President pay the same supporter fees.

Accounts are viewable to all supporters on this page (alongside meeting minutes etc)

In short, it’s not something they’re willing to offer and I’m not sure we would accept it even if they did offer, by being self-funding it ensures that we continue to be independent which we believe is vital.

The discussion groups are currently on Facebook, although you are a signed up member on the website you will still be required to fill out the entry requirements to gain access.

You can do but we would recommend you buy one supporter pack and once you’ve completed payment then go to secondary/replacement name badges and purchase one or more of these as required.

Currently, we’re only accepting orders via our online shop. Due to personalisation of various items within the packs, we will not be selling welcome packs on any event day. 

If you require a second name badge (for partner/spouse/children etc) please purchase the above pack and then after payment purchase an additional badge and lanyard from this link

No debit/credit card information is ever stored on our servers. We use Stripe.com, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist.

Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in separate hosting infrastructure and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services (API, website, etc.) For more information, you can visit Stripe’s security policy right here!

In other words, your debit/credit card details are safe!

Sure, we’ve got the ability to be a member without the membership pack, buy this.

We think the price offers superb value when you factor in the exclusive discounts we’ve secured for our members, you should be able to offset the cost of membership with the discounts alone instantly.

You can also amend and cancel your subscription at any point if you don’t think it’s providing value.

However, we do understand that not everyone is comfortable paying £35 a year so we do offer limited access for free to selective parts of membership as detailed above.

We do print runs when we hit 50 welcome packs (to keep costs down) normally this means every month we’re sending out welcome packs but on occasion this might be longer so please be patient. If there is a large event upcoming we will do our best to get packs ready for these.

OK great, please get in contact with the Partnership Leader here.

We post key information in our monthly newsletter (which as a free or paid supporter you should get). We are on all social media platforms and will provide key updates on there too search for “TeslaOwnersUK” Our events can be found here.

Any more questions? Contact us.


"Absolutely love being part of the family! The Owner's club has been fantastic - it was a great resource over the 3 years that I was a reservation owner and I learned a lot about owning a Tesla before my Model 3 arrived."
Anonymous Feedback
"Particularly useful for new owners, it is not possible for delivery team to cover all aspects of ownership so to have a friendly group with more experience is extremely valuable."
Anonymous Feedback
"The support is amazing - I have never experienced anything else quite like it with regard to car ownership. I wholeheartedly would recommend purchasing a Tesla in the UK partly due to the Tesla Owners UK experience."
Anonymous Feedback
"Tesla Owners UK has a great team that dedicate a lot of personal time to running the community, setting up events, consolidating and communicating owners concerns to Tesla leadership and ensuring the owners group remains a closed group of officially confirmed Tesla owners to minimise trolling and keep the content relevant and helpful. I have also attended a series of non Tesla but EV/sustainability events thanks to the group, e.g visits to Nuclear stations and Off-shore wind generation. The owners group is the only reason I use Facebook as the community and content keep me coming back."
Anonymous Feedback

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