Tesla Wheel Torque Settings

Last modified: 04/08/2020
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Page 173 of the UK manual tells you all about torque settings and tyre dimension but sometimes it’s a pain to find so I thought I’d add it on here as well and hope the search engines pick this up.

What do I need to check the torque of my wheel nuts?

129 lb. ft (175 Nm) is the correct setting and mine were nowhere near that, make sure this is checked when the car goes in for service/tyre change etc or do what I just did & do it yourself by purchasing:

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Things to remember:

  • It is often recommended that you check the torque after driving a few miles after swapping tyres, etc. 
  • Be careful not to scratch your nice alloys with a non-protected socket set, you can cover your socket in electrical tape of buy one with a plastic cover
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