Tesla Paint codes (Wheels / Workshops / Stores / Brand)

Last modified: 02/07/2021
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  • Sonic Carbon (Grey 21″ wheels)  – Code: NEU-106E and PPG:934723
  • Silver slipstream alloy colour name is “Sonic Silver”, associated with colour codes NEU-107E / BU0738 / 934722 (Ditzler/PPG)
  • Onyx Black (sometimes known as ‘Matt Black’)
  • Gunpowder 20” Uberturbine

Car Bodywork Paint (for a touch up stick etc)

You’re normally looking for a 4 letter code, this website is superb for staying up to date on the paint colours, it’s US-based but should apply for the UK, then pretty much any paint shop / touch up paint stick company can find you a match. Tesla also sells them but stock is often depleted. Also, approved Tesla garages have full access to the paint colours.

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Workshop Colours (as seen in Tesla stores / service centres etc)

Image thanks to Tudor Melville

Paint supplied by BenjaminMoore

2087-10 Neon Red (as seen on the wall on the above image)
2124-50 Bunny Gray
2124-40 Thundercloud Gray
2124-30 Deep Silver
2124-20 Trout Gray
2124-10 Wrought Iron

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