Tesla Charging Etiquette

Last modified: 16/11/2020
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Most of these should be common sense but it’s still worthy of a read as you might be doing something without knowing how this may affect others and cause unnecessary frustration.

All of these should apply regardless of the charger you’re plugged into:

  • Be courteous and friendly to other drivers (e.g. always help others if they’re struggling to start a charge, remember others may be in an urgent rush to charge).
  • Once your car is charged move it. End of. No excuses. (the only exception to this is when using a destination charger based at an airport/train station), ignoring this will likely lead to you being fined and annoying others.
  • Never park in a charging bay, ever. and always be sure your vehicle is actually charging before you leave. End of. No excuses.
  • Take your rubbish home with you or find a bin, please don’t leave rubbish around a charger.
  • Place charge cables back in their holsters securely after use.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions when others make mistakes, most likely it was an honest mistake, we all make mistakes. If someone isn’t doing the right thing maybe suggest they join this group we have great things like Mentorship, Onboarding and these guides to help turn a novice owner into an experienced one
  • Try and charge away from other EVs charging, primarily this is for V2 superchargers (those with both CCS and Type 2) that are in pairs (e.g. 1A > 1B), a general rule of thumb is never plugin to a supercharger if another car is going to be immediately next to you, of course, if there is no other option it will be fine to do so but you will get a reduced charge rate. With V3 superchargers (CCS only) pairing isn’t an issue – Learn more about how superchargers work.
  • The Tesla Nod or a quick wave is a requirement whenever you see another Tesla at a charger or on the road!

Recommended if possible:

  • If others arrive in need of a charge and your car has enough power to get to the next charger / your destination move your car.
  • Don’t waste your time charging above 80% unless you really need the charge (e.g. going on a long trip), it takes the same amount of time to charge from 0-80% as it does from 80-100%. It’s far quicker to leave at 80% and then move on to the next charger along your route instead of staying for an extra 30-60 minutes charging.
  • Buy a CHAdeMO adapter (or rent one from us) or CCS adapter (less than 1% of the price of the car) and use that when using a rapid charger, the AC Type 2 isn’t really designed for Teslas and you’re effectively blocking smaller EVs from charging on a rapid.
  • Put your phone number in your windscreen if charging at a charging location that doesn’t have another charger nearby, especially if you plan to be charging for many hours or ensure reception (e.g. at a hotel) knows you’re the owner of the EV charging.
  • If the supercharger or charger is broken/not at full performance then inform the operator (phone number is found on the side of the charger or ring roadside support if a supercharger) – They might be able to restart the charger to get you charging. If this still doesn’t work move your car out of the space so an engineer can fix and/or other owners can attempt to charge later in the day.
  • Always unwind long cables before use.
  • If you don’t need the charge but just want to ‘top up’, offer your space to others arriving and stay with your car during this charge.
  • If it’s an unpopular charging location or new location add a ‘successful charge’ to the Plugshare app including photos and review
  • If an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is parked in a charging bay then leave them a note explaining why this isn’t helpful / report it to the facility. Remember most simply won’t realise they’re doing anything wrong so don’t be hostile.
  • If a charging spot you need is being used, and you are able to park next to a car that is currently charging, it’s perfectly fine to leave a note asking the owner of the current car charging to text or ring you after their session is complete, if you receive such a note please honour the request.
  • If you’re unsure what to do then simply ask others or post on the discussion group.
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