Step-by-step method to clean your Tesla

Last modified: 04/08/2020
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We take no responsibility for improper cleaning or following of this guide. Use common sense and if unsure pay someone to do it for you.

Secondly, a Tesla is nothing special and therefore this process can be used on any car and not just a Tesla.

Things you will need:

Optional but recommended:

Things you will need if you don’t have paint protection:

Things you will need if you don’t have a water filter & live in medium/hard water areas:

For a car with ceramic paint protection applied this is how I would (& do) clean the Tesla:

  1. Snow foam the whole car (1/5 liquid 4/5 hot water)
  2. Wait 10 minutes for the snow foam to loosen and lift the dirt
  3. Whilst you wait: brush wheel arches to remove large debris (with specific wheel arch brush that isn’t used anywhere else on the car)
  4. Pressure wash the whole car to remove the snow foam and large bits of dirt, be careful with the paint (i.e. don’t get too close)
  5. Use a dedicated wheel brush to gently brush alloy wheels to remove brake dust/dirt etc (might not be needed on every wash)
  6. Two Bucket Technique the whole car (from top of car down)
    • 1st bucket filled with car shampoo and hot water
    • 2nd bucket filled with fresh clean cold water
    • Use wash mitt to clean from top of the car downwards e.g. always start with the roof, then edges of roof, then top parts of doors and so on…)
    • After each section (or part of section), squeeze dirty water from mitt then dip in cold water, squeeze water out again. Then dip in hot bucket and continue to clean.
    • Remember door shuts and inside the boot
    • Finish with cleaning the wheels (not needed on all washes), you might want a separate wash mitt for this or use wheel brushes
    • The wash mitt might become very dirty, if you’re careful you can pressure wash the mitt to remove any stubborn stains
    • Avoid washing the mitt in the washing machine etc
  7. Rince car with filtered water or rinse car and then dry with large microfibre cloths
  8. Clean glass/lights
  9. Done.

Things you should never do:

  • Use a sponge
  • Use a dirty wash mitt
  • Use any wash mitt you’ve dropped on the floor
  • Clean the car in direct sunlight on a warm/hot day (it will leave marks on the car)

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Originally written by William Fealey for his blog.

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