Must have accessories for your Tesla Model 3 in 2021

Last modified: 08/06/2021
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Over the years Tesla has improved what you get with the car to the point now this list is actually quite sparse, obviously, Tesla sell a wide selection of official accessories on their website but there are also numerous other 3rd party websites these days, here are our suggestions:

A home charger

Without a doubt the best accessory you can buy and have installed (if it’s possible at your home of course), sure the car comes with a mobile connector but trust endless Tesla veterans when we say you should prioritise a home charger install as priority number 1.

Read our updated guide to home chargers

Paint correction & a ceramic coating

Technically not an accessory but most owners swear by this and it’s well worth doing at the start of ownership not midway through.

Read our ceramic coating guide

Floormats and boot mat

Depending on your spec (mats are included in all Model 3’s with the Premium Interior option) these are worth considering, there are numerous discounts on custom 3rd party mats and bootliner here but Tesla also sell some.

Tyre Pump / Repair Kit

Tesla sells a tyre repair kit but it’s generally considered to be overpriced so others are linked below but having a tyre pump and sealant in the car is well worth it primarily to keep your tyre pressures optimal as they can see a ~5% boost in range & reduce unnecessary tyre wear if properly pressured but also to potentially save you a long wait for the AA/RAC etc.

A decent and thick extension cable + Dribox 330drib0x

To be clear the user manual advises against this, however, with the correct precautions it can be done safely, as a last resort carrying the standard mobile connector will likely get you out of trouble most of the time but for those times where it’s simply too short, having an additional 5-20meters of high-quality extension cable can be well worth it.


Be extremely cautious of using a standard extension lead. ALWAYS unwind any extension cable you use. If you’re using a cable that isn’t listed above, reduce the amps down to ~5amps and check the plug for excess heat often, if you NEED the speed then slowly increase the amps up whilst checking for excess heat often.

Screen protector

Very much a personal preference but if you’re particularly accident-prone then something to consider and if you dislike fingerprints then obviously that’s a big positive with a matt screen protector.

Discounts available here for some (the one in the photo is from here though)

Paint protector vinyl (door shuts/around wheel arches etc)

Tesla now wraps some areas directly from the factory but it’s something to consider before the paint gets damaged from stone chips or children’s feet!

Discounts available here for some

Mud Flaps

This will depend on your usage and where you live in the country but these are recommended, especially if you don’t have any paint protection film installed around the wheel arches.

Tesla sell them here and a few other sites sell similar 

Decent car cleaning kit

Read our How to clean your Tesla guide for suggested products and techniques, obviously this will depend on how precious your car is to you but if you’re going to clean the car yourself you want to do it properly to avoid damage etc.

Window tints

Again depending on your spec you might not need this but it’s a good way to lower excessive heat build up in the car during hot days whilst also giving a stealth look.

A membership card for breakdown cover

A hotly debated topic given that Tesla do offer some coverage on this, but it’s well worth considering whether you need breakdown cover for your Tesla or not?

A Tesla Owners UK sticker for your window

Ideal to find other like-minded owners at superchargers or simply to show your support for the club.

Become a supporter here to get yours



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