I’ve got fogging, mist, condensation or water inside the lights what should I do?

Last modified: 03/02/2021
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First of all, don’t panic, this is fairly common in all manufactures cars (especially after washing or when it’s particularly wet outside for long periods of time) but especially those with LED lights which is the majority of new cars on the road as the LEDs create very little heat so the water condensation doesn’t evaporate, the lights are not completely airtight so water can sometimes get inside, this could be from you pressure washing too close or possibly a fault with the light. There are several things you can do:

  • Simply do nothing, it will generally just dissipate with time for most people in most scenarios. Be extra cautious when cleaning the car to ensure you’re not pointing water jets directly at the lights.
  • Ensure the car is parked with its rear pointed into the sun, so the water can evaporate
  • If this continues or if the water is clearly visible (i.e. a pool of water at the bottom) contact Tesla
  • If your car is out of warranty or the problem still persists follow this guide
  • See if there is an update to our escalation to Elon here
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