Which insurance company should I get a quote from? What about GAP insurance?

Last modified: 17/01/2022
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A Tesla really isn’t that different to insuring any other car, however, the companies below have all been known to give competitive quotes:

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Things to check with your policy:

  • Confirm the car listed on the policy is exactly the car you own. e.g. V5 paperwork sometimes list cars as 90D when the car is a P90D or similar
  • Companies such as LV may require a tracker, the Tesla tracker has been agreed to match their criteria however some staff will not know this so ensure you confirm it with them/get it in writing
  • Some companies may offer discount for cars with Autopilot
  • If the car is stolen or written off will they pay you the market price of the car (at the time of the claim) or a guaranteed value (e.g. the cost to replace the car like for like with a new vehicle)

How much should I be paying for car insurance?

Everyone is different, our cars are all different, our previous history will all be different and also we all live in different postcodes. Some owners pay £200-£500, some £500-£1000 and others pay £1000-£1500.

Should I consider GAP insurance?

If your car is stolen or written off (damaged beyond repair), GAP insurance covers the difference between what your insurer will pay out and the amount you originally paid for your car. – MoneySupermarket

What do Tesla owners think of GAP insurance:

Just bought Gap insurance for my new Model S 90D being collected Friday – for £474 I’m covered for 5 years that if the car is written off I can get the difference between the insurance payout and the original invoice price paid, or replacement of the car with one the same, whichever is the greater. 26p a day – UK Tesla owners

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Remember to check your car insurance as some may already cover you for gap insurance / guaranteed value or similar (e.g. NFU & Novo offer this)

Should I insure my wheels?

Companies such as ALA offer Alloy Wheel insurance. Read more about protecting your wheels.

Should I get breakdown cover?

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