How to remove the rear plastic from Model X seats

Last modified: 24/06/2017
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Article from Brian Hooper on Facebook Group

A bit of a how to guide on removing the plastic seat back shell from the seat should you ever need to get to the mechanical parts in the seat, change the cover, or like me you wanted to wrap the back and refit it.

Tools for the job are these Sykes Pickavant plastic trim removers
Sykes-Pickavant Automotive Trim Removal Set 

1. Starting at the top at the headrest put the tools in behind the plastic and pop it out. You will need to use a reasonable amount of force, you probably think it is going to break but it won’t, just be brave and go for it

2. Work your way down the sides with the tools. Leave one in, and prise it off with another.

3. When finished one side. Move to the other.

4. Note where the lugs are and you will see the trim grips teeth will most likely be pulled backwards when you pulled the cover off. Either replace them, or push the teeth back.

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