Firmware / Software Updates Explained

Last modified: 06/08/2017
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Can I see if a newer firmware/software version has been released?

Sure use (this only shows a small percentage of vehicles in the world)

Can I speed up firmware updates for my car?

In short not really but there are a few simple tips that might speed things up:

  • If you’ve already got a software update available on your car you will see a 2-minute countdown before it starts, if you tap this countdown timer multiple times in quick succession it will drop from 2 minutes to 0:01
  • If you’ve not got the latest software update it will eventually come to your car, make sure the car has a good Wifi or 3G/4G signal and that will speed things up.
  • If you really want the latest software update (for some reason) you might have better luck connecting to a service centres Wifi, often software updates will be pushed to all cars at service locations to speed things up for the techs working on cars.

How do I find which firmware I’m running?

Pressing the Tesla logo on the 17″ screen brings up an image of your car, showing your VIN#, firmware version, and most recent firmware release notes. You can also find this information out on the Tesla mobile app.

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