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Last modified: 04/08/2020
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These things are not needed but they might help you one day.

Just to be clear I probably carry 80% of this all the time, the rest: spade, both puncture kits, ice tracks etc are only put in the frunk for longer trips/certain times of the year.

It may appear at first like a lot but as you can see from the above photo it fills the frunk of my Tesla P90DL Facelift around 70-90% so not that bad with the odd thing like jackets and boots kept in the rear and battery pack kept inside the car.

Also, consider this list of ‘Must Have Accessories for your Tesla Model S


  • 24 LED Strobe Beacon (note this has a magnetic base, the Tesla is made from glass and aluminium so it won’t stick, I’ve got two of these Delkin Camera Mounts that I was thinking of securing to it but it adds a lot of weight so I’m not sure. I may do a DIY job on it and fix some suckers to it at some point but in reality the only time I probably will use it is when I get a puncture/helping someone out on the side of the road so I won’t really need to drive with it on the roof. I also picked up an extension cable for the cigarette lighter should I want to place the beacon on the floor or elsewhere.
  • Flashing Road Flare – Not as bright as I had hoped but still pretty good, Lidl supposedly do similar ones sometimes
  • 2 x clip on strobes – Ideal to clip on to your person if working on the car
  • Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light – Trying to fix a puncture is crap in the best of times, without a decent light it can be almost impossible at night
  • LED Head Torch
  • Light for our dog – Often he is in the back of the car, he often has one on his collar anyway but I keep a spare in the car
  • Some glow sticks – Always useful, could chuck on the road as a sort of flare/cone
  • LED Lenser Torch – Mostly used for dog walking but I keep it in the car most of the time
Organised mess after I’ve had a sort out and ‘installed’ a boot organiser in the frunk (I’m not that happy as the fit is rather poor but it will do for now)



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Originally written by William Fealey for his blog.

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