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Last modified: 01/06/2020
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Tesla has a dedicated accessory website (after we pushed them to give UK owners one) and also a full Parts Catalog.

They also do have in-house accessory brochures printed out in some service centres, we’ve managed to source the PDF versions of these (although these are out of date) and upload them below:

Prices are not listed however the Australian version (S or X) does offer pricing to give you a rough idea, for accurate UK pricing you will have to pick up the phone and ring your local service centre.

You may also find the following guides useful:

Buy Tesla Owners UK merchandise

Within our owners group agreement with Tesla, we’re allowed to sell our own merchandise as long as it uses the Tesla Owners UK logo and is only sold to confirmed owners, we’ve partnered with a clothing printer to send out clothing direct to you via our online shop, currently, this is limited to supporters only to ensure only those who own a vehicle can order. If you have a request for certain other products/sizes etc please speak with the team.

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