Great ideas for Christmas/Birthday presents for a Tesla owner or future owner

Last modified: 09/12/2020
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1) A decent car cleaning set or a ceramic coating appointment

Learn more + buy | Book a ceramic coating

2) A 3D printer so he/she can print a Tesla Supercharger Phone Charger

Download the files to print from here

3) Tesla Model S / X / Roadster / 3 Hot Wheels

Buy on eBay | Buy at most toy shops, supermarkets and poundshops (hunting required)

4) Some accessories for the actual car made by forum members

e.g. a set of Xavelec Cables, a Frunk Bag set or a dash camera install

5) A Keyholder


6) A Tesla / Elon related book

Buy one of 4 Tesla / Elon Musk books

7) Membership Pack + Clothing – This won’t arrive in time for Christmas now

Buy a pack | Buy clothing

8) A decent vacuum for the car

The Dyson Store | Shark Cordless 

9) A replacement set of interior/exterior bulbs

Learn more + buy here

Any other ideas? Sure try this page

Must have accessories for your Tesla

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