Tesla Owners UK Initiative

Radio Flyer Programme

This world is a cruel place sometimes so if we can put a smile on someone’s face we will do our best. Tesla Owners UK have a ongoing programme of procuring “Radio Flyer” children’s ride on cars for donation to Hospitals, Hospices and similar.

So far, over 170 of these have been donated – sourced from Tesla Owners UK Members, but also donated by Radioflyer, and even by direct donation by Elon Musk!    There is a stock of more waiting for homes! We require the cars to be used at the facility by those children receiving medical care ONLY.

Charities/hospitals are not allowed to resell/auction the cars, we remain owners of them so please only apply if your patients will use them. To secure a Radio Flyer – the intended recipient organisation should complete a request form below. If you’re a parent or family member please pass this page to the person or people responsible for the organisation to complete.

Currently we’re not raising funds for this campaign, when this changes we will update this page.