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Why does the web browser / YouTube app think I am in a different country (Spain / Holland)? How to fix, why it happens etc

Last modified: 2021-09-14

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Within the car there is a sim card, for the majority of EU cars this sim card is what’s referred to as a roaming sim card, in short this uses the best signal from a variety of networks to provide the best experience within the car, however, this sim card prior to 2016 used a Spanish (O2 / Telefónica SIM) simcard, from 2016 to today they use a simcard from a Dutch company (KPN).

On the face of it, this wouldn’t be a problem but occasionally the internet browser will think it’s based in either Spain or Holland and provide websites in their native languages which isn’t much use!

The frustration is even if you visit Google.co.uk it will still give you results from Spain / Netherlands

How do I fix this?

There isn’t a permanent fix for this at the moment, all we can suggest is flagging it on your Tesla app.

If you’re using Google (where this issue is most obvious) visit https://www.google.co.uk/?hl=en (Note the .co.uk suffix and the ?hl=en at the end of the link). If this happens often it’s worth bookmarking this link so you can quickly get to it without having to remember/type in the code.

You can also swap the language at the bottom of Google and once you have it in English, go into settings and set your location correctly.

Or top right on browser, tap the settings icon. Login with Google account name and password. Logout again if you wish (security) it will then become British….. bingo

Has Tesla Owners UK raised this with Tesla?

Yes, so many times we could cry.

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