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Premium Connectivity Explained – Your options, prices and what is/isn’t included

Last modified: 2020-10-20

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If you’re reading this page you’ve presumably just received an email from Tesla explaining how your Premium Connectivity is ending soon and asking for you to subscribe at £9.99 per month, the most up to date information is found on https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/connectivity?redirect=no and this should answer the majority of your questions, but in short, if you don’t pay the monthly fee (once your 1 month or 1 year free period ends) you will lose access to the following features:

  • Live Traffic Visualisation
  • Satellite-View Maps
  • Video Streaming
  • Caraoke
  • Music Streaming (e.g. Spotify)
  • Internet Browser

What cars does this apply to?

Cars ordered (new) after 30/6/18, for more information visit Tesla Connectivity Page. If your car was ordered before this date it won’t apply.

Why am I only just getting notified of this?

Tesla appear to have been slow to integrate a pay per month plan for this, so you got a few extra months for free.

Can I use a MIFI within the car instead?

Yes but it’s unlikely you will find a comparable data simcard offer for under £10 per month, most likely you will be better of using your phone as a hot spot instead.

What are the issues with using my phone’s wifi / mifi to replicate this?

Most likely (although it’s not fully confirmed yet) you will not gain access to a Tesla Spotify account if you don’t pay for Tesla Premium Connectivity, so you if you wish to listen to Spotify (and control it via the touchscreen) you will need to own a Spotify Premium account (something that will cost you £9.99 a year or £99 if still on offer), within Premium Connectivity you get the Spotify account (albeit JUST access in the car) included.

Will I still get car software updates?

Yes, for more information visit Tesla Connectivity Page.

I ordered before mid-July 2019 but was led to believe Premium Connectivity was included

You’re not alone. Please read the letters and updates on https://teslaowners.org.uk/about/meeting-minutes-paperwork-yearly-accounts#premium

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