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Model 3 key – Do I need it? What are the benefits?

Last modified: 2020-05-01

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This £140 accessory provides you with the following benefits:

  • Passive entry (walk up to the car, pull the door handle and it will unlock)
  • Automatic locking and unlocking of the car
  • Double click the front of the key to open the frunk, double click the back to unlock the boot and single click of the the top to lock and double click to unlock the car.
  • Once you unlock and get inside the car the car will start by pressing the brake pedal (as long as you do it within 2 minutes of unlocking)

NOTE: Only key fobs with the TESLA logo printed on the flat side have the passive locking and unlocking functionality. Key fobs with the MODEL 3 logo printed on the flat side cannot passively lock and unlock your vehicle.

NOTE: [Passive Entry Keys only] For increased security, your key fob disables itself after five minutes of being stationary while in range but the vehicle is not in use. The vehicle will not lock or unlock passively when this occurs. Shake or press a button on your key fob to wake it up.

I’ve heard there are two types of key which do I have?

  • If it has the word ‘Model 3’ underneath the key is non passive entry enabled
  • If it has the word ‘Tesla’ underneath the key is passive entry enabled.

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Remember modifying your vehicle may invalidate part of your vehicle’s warranty.
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