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I’ve just been in an accident in my Tesla, what should I do?

Last modified: 2018-11-18

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1) If the car is clearly unsafe then follow these emergencies guides &/or ring 999:

This link takes you to the most up to date and full list of Emergency Responder Manuals

2) Once you’re happy the scene is safe, exchange details with the 3rd party (if involved) + ensure photographs are taken and if any witnesses their details are taken (may depend on the severity of the accident & if there is a clear faulty party or not).

3) Drive home if it’s safe to do so. Failing that request recovery via your insurance company, a 3rd party (e.g. accident management service) or your breakdown cover to a safe place, your home or a body shop (depending on the severity). Most likely they will recover the car to a depot until the time an approved body shop is confirmed ready to accept it.

4) Can I get a Tesla loaner? Yes most likely regardless of who you’re insured with, who hits you & who sorts out the claim.

Option 1 – Go without a loaner if possible, it will cost you less in the short and long-term and the insurance claim will be less. Of course, this isn’t practical for most people.

Option 2 – If you’re not at fault – This will most likely be cheaper for everyone involved (especially at your renewal time in the future) but may take slightly longer to sort

Contact their insurance and ask to start a new claim, explain that their policyholder (give name and policy number) has crashed into you. See if the insurance company can arrange a Tesla loaner, if they come back unable to supply a Tesla tell them how much it is going to cost them, hire it from a Tesla rental company and forwarded the invoice to the insurance company, where they’re legally bound to repay to you (normally takes ~48hours).

The only thing that makes the process difficult is not knowing your rights &/or poor staff working at the insurance company. It’s not a case of letting their insurer lead. They represent the party at fault. You are in charge of them, not the other way round.

“For clarity in the case of my claim last year I spent about an hour in total on the phone over about 5 calls. That’s it. And I had a Tesla car delivered to the repairer so that I could drive mine in and the loaner out. No messing about. In this case the repairer was local so it was easier than arranging collection of the car. ”

Option 3 (if you’re not at fault) – Most likely more expensive for everyone involved but will take slightly less time to sort

Contact an accident management company who will contact the at-fault insurance company on your behalf, request a Tesla loaner from their fleet or from a 3rd party and have it delivered to you.

Option 4 (if you’re at fault)

You can still follow the steps above but request it from your own insurance company instead.

The car is driveable do I really need to leave it at a body shop for months on end whilst someone pays for an expensive loaner car?

As the car is driveable DO NOT release the car to the bodyshop until you have it confirmed that the parts are on site and a repair slot has been allocated. This way you can avoid then need for a Tesla loaner.

I’m having problems with the body shop what do I do?

Visit https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/body-shop-support where there is a Tesla email address you can email for support and help.

Do I need to inform my insurance company if I’ve been involved in an accident but haven’t claimed against my insurance or a 3rd parties?

Sadly yes, if you fail to notify your insurance company and the other party informs theirs and references your vehicle the motor insurance database will flag you/your car. One Tesla owner had this to say: “I was crashed into last year in my other car. Totally there fault. Never claimed and sorted outside of insurance but the other party called his insurance to notify them. When I came to renew mine they told me there was an accident on the motor insurance database that I had not admitted to. I told them it didn’t go through insurance but it doesn’t matter. They ask if you have had any accidents convictions or claims even if you haven’t claimed. So my perfect driving record has gone and my policy has shot up in price.”

Of course, it probably would be better financially to sort out the issue outside of insurance policies but the insurance company have you either way.


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Remember modifying your vehicle may invalidate part of your vehicle’s warranty.
Therefore, be careful and check with Tesla if unsure. Also any modifications will most likely need to be OK’d with your car insurance company.

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