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I’ve got V10, what features will I get with my car? Smart Summon? Netflix? YouTube? New Driver Visualisation? Joe Mode?

Last modified: 2019-10-03

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Ever since V10 arrived, many have been excitingly anticipating what new features they’re getting and whilst we’ve written about the differences between MCU1 and MCU2, it seems many are confused and often left frustrated that certain features aren’t arriving on their cars when other similar spec’d cars are getting them, the reason is generally because the cars have an older version of Autopilot, an older MCU or it’s because we live in a country that follows UNECE rules (unlike the US).

A group from Reddit have created this Google Doc to help us all understand what features you have with V10 on your build, if you wish to understand which MCU you have read this, if you’re not sure which AP system you have read this.

Something that should be remembered is that other car companies charge us £200 for a simple map update, we get all these improvements for free, so whilst many will be bitter they don’t get the latest features if there car was built before 21st August 2017, it could be worse and many have suggested buying an iPad or similar would give those with MCU1 the majority of the features that those with MCU2 have.

Why does Smart Summon not work in the UK?

Blame the UNECE vehicle regulations harmonisation scheme that the UK is part of. This page explains it further.

The below video also discusses it:

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