Things to do for new owners

I’m a new Tesla owner and want to learn, what are my options?

Last modified: 2022-04-15

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Welcome to Tesla ownership, whilst driving a Tesla is fairly simple there are lots of new things you might not be aware of, this page highlights all of the great things we as a club can help you learn:

  1. Tesla Owners UK Onboarding – Self-service online learning
  2. Tesla Owners UK Owner Orientation Events – Sit down for 1.5 hours with 2 experts going through a presentation whilst you sip a nice glass of wine or tea in front of the TV and then ask questions at the end.
  3. The user manual – Whilst not many can say they’ve read the user manual from back to front the manual is well worth a read especially for some of the complex systems such as AutoSteer
  4. Searching our discussion groups – If you have a question most likely someone else has previously asked it, search the group to find the answers but if you have no luck finding then our 20,000 strong community will help.
  5. Searching our guides – We have over 108 articles on our website with over 1 million views

Do you have the expertise? Share your knowledge!

Remember modifying your vehicle may invalidate part of your vehicle’s warranty.
Therefore, be careful and check with Tesla if unsure. Also any modifications will most likely need to be OK’d with your car insurance company.

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