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How to Vinyl Wrap something (e.g. Model X Seats)

Last modified: 2017-07-05

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Another how to guide, this is how to vinyl wrap something, in this case the seat backs in a carbon fibre effect vinyl. Search for my other post about how to remove the seat backs.

Tools required are: scalpel, scissors, heat gun, squeegee with felt edge and of course the vinyl wrap. I used 3M 1080 scotchprint CF12. More expensive but worth the extra in my opinion as it looks great and is easier to work with.

Basically principles are to start in the middle and work you way out to the edges. Heat the vinyl gently, you will see a noticeable change in the texture of the vinyl, it will suddenly go very floppy and workable. This is when you can stretch it round curves.
You really need two pair of hands to do this so get help from the start

Make sure you wrap it round the back of the item being covered. This helps the vinyl stick and not peel from the edges or shrink back later. Allow about 25mm/1″.

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