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FUD: Electric cars can’t travel long distances

Last modified: 2021-05-09

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FUD: Electric cars can’t travel long distances Quite the opposite. One of the great pleasures of Tesla ownership is long-distance touring. The Tesla Owners’ Group has many members who regularly travel to the far corners of Europe – and who support others in planning their journeys too. Consider the map below, which shows the journeys taken by a Tesla driver in the first couple of years of ownership of a Model S. Highlights included a weekend “pop over to Leipzig” and a tour of Norwegian fjords. This is not an uncommon pattern with Tesla owners… Long-distance touring by electric car (and especially Tesla) has significant advantages over a petrol or diesel car:

  • you are doing the right thing for the environment (see other articles in this section)
  • refuelling costs are far lower (although like any car, depreciation also needs to be factored in)
  • regular stops, stay every 1.5-2 hours for 15-20 minutes, allow not only the car but also the driver to recharge. Grab a coffee and some fresh air while charging, then get back on the road
  • you are safer. Regular stops, at least 15 minutes every 2 hours, are recommended in the Highway Code. Tesla drivers report being significantly less tired on long journeys
  • electric cars are quiet, making for a tranquil trip, enabling conversation or music/audiobook listening at normal volumes, and reducing noise fatigue for driver and passenger
  • Tesla’s autopilot capabilities will operate the detailed steering and braking (under your supervision of course) and for some models, lane changing, leaving the driver free to scan further ahead for traffic problems or safety risks which the car may not detect. This allows a long-distance driver to relax shoulders and arms, keep alert for risks, and relax while travelling
  • When travelling in a hot or cold climate, an electric car can be preconditioned to a comfortable temperature, or can hold that temperature for hours while you are out exploring or having a break. In a Tesla you can tell the car you will be coming shortly, using a mobile app.

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