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Emergency Car Kit

Last modified: 2022-03-03

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We occasionally use affiliate links within some of our content, these links may generate a small income for Tesla Owners UK Limited but their use never compromises the quality or content of our posts. These items are not needed but they might help you one day, consider this list of ‘Must Have Accessories for your Tesla Model S‘ and Must Have accessories for Model Y and 3 for a most concise list of accessories to take with you. Just to be clear I probably carry 80% of this all the time, the rest: spade, both puncture kits, ice tracks etc are only put in the frunk for longer trips/certain times of the year. It may appear at first like a lot but as you can see from the above photo it fills the frunk of my Tesla P90DL Facelift around 70-90% so not that bad with the odd thing like jackets and boots kept in the rear and battery pack kept inside the car.


Organised mess after I’ve had a sort out and ‘installed’ a boot organiser in the frunk (I’m not that happy as the fit is rather poor but it will do for now)



Car repair:

Originally written by William Fealey for his blog.

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