Alongside this website, we also run several online Discussion forums. Owners and Prospective Owners can discuss all elements of Tesla ownership as well as subjects close to our hearts, such as sustainability and our charities.

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Tesla Owners UK: Club


"Tesla Owners UK has a great team that dedicate a lot of personal time to running the community, setting up events, consolidating and communicating owners concerns to Tesla leadership and ensuring the owners group remains a closed group of officially confirmed Tesla owners to minimise trolling and keep the content relevant and helpful. I have also attended a series of non Tesla but EV/sustainability events thanks to the group, e.g visits to Nuclear stations and Off-shore wind generation. The owners group is the only reason I use Facebook as the community and content keep me coming back."
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Regional Chapters

Find local owners near to you. Members only.


Tesla Owners UK: Lounge

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Suppliers Discussion

Talk with Tesla Approved Suppliers.

Tesla Owners UK: Advocacy Team

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Tesla Owners UK: Racing/Track Days

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CyberTruck Reservations

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently we primarily use Facebook’s Groups as they’re generally superior to other similar tools, that said we appreciate Facebook isn’t for everyone so we also have

Alternatively, you may find the following websites of use (please note we don’t manage these, cannot be held responsible for any of the content and most importantly don’t actively try and problem solve etc for owners on these):

You can contact the Moderator Representative using the details listed on our team page.