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If you need help with your Tesla Owners UK account, membership or order this page is for you, for everything else you will be better placed to search our guides.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a paid supporter / member?
How do I know this is legit?
How are funds spent?
Why doesn’t Tesla fund this?
How do I access the discussion groups?
Can I purchase in person?
When will I get my pack?
Do you store my debit/credit card details?
My partner, spouse &/or children would like a name badge do we have to buy multiple packs?
I don’t want a welcome pack &/or don’t want to sign up to a yearly subscription, is there an alternative?
I want to support the group but the price is too high/expensive
I run a company that might be able to help or I personally would like to help
Run a holiday home with EV charging? 
Can I buy a welcome pack in the future?
I don't use Facebook how can I stay informed?
I'd like to speak with someone on the committee
I've written or would like to write an article for the website
My account shows me as an free member but I have renewed my paid subscription what can I do?
I am struggling to verify my account, signup, I do not receive the verification email or it says the code is invalid what can I do?
Something else?

Please make sure you’ve truly exhausted all of the below FAQs before requiring our volunteers to help you using the form.

Please ensure you include as much information as possible including any order numbers/dates etc