Fire & Rescue demonstrations and Q&A sessions

Now unfortunately paused

We all know our cars are some of the safest on the roads but since early 2017 Tesla Owners UK have been attending fire and rescue teams across the UK to help familiarise their teams with Tesla vehicles & demonstrate some of the functions in the hope that it might help them and therefore one of us or our members in the future when we really need them.

When Tesla vehicles were very new in the UK, many fire brigades across the UK had never heard of a Tesla let alone seen one. Since then a lot has changed and all fire brigades are trained on electric vehicle extraction and fires. 

In fact, to put your mind at rest Tesla have a dedicated first responders guide and have done for many years now. Also, after speaking with many fire and rescue forces it was clear the majority also have access to these documents or similar on iPad style devices.

I’m told all fire brigades within their recent training (back in 2017) have had experience with EVs but still some will have never seen a Tesla or know what it is, so I’m sure would be interested in a 5-minute walk around at the very least.

It seems Tesla are expanding their reach to more fire services and training centres nationwide thanks (partially) to our work which is great news.

I hope we can continue to show our support for the emergency services through Tesla Owners UK and help when and where we can.

Thanks for everyone that has made contact with their local fire and rescue forces.

However, some fire teams may still enjoy looking over your vehicle and in the past we’ve been most welcomed by these fire and rescue teams.

1) Find details of your local fire brigade:

2) See if anyone in the comments below has already contacted your local fire brigade (remember we don’t want to inundate them or waste their time).

3) Send an email detailing your offer and a link to…

4) Comment on this post once complete.

Can we help your fire and rescue team?

If yes please make contact with [email protected]