Tesla Owners UK Charity & 'Request a Wish' Programme

Radio Flyer Programme

This world is a cruel place sometimes so if we can put a smile on someone’s face we will do our best.

Tesla Owners UK have a ongoing programme of procuring “Radio Flyer” children’s ride on cars for donation to Hospitals, Hospices and similar.

So far, over 170 of these have been donated – sourced from Tesla Owners UK Members, but also donated by Radioflyer, and even by direct donation by Elon Musk!    There is a stock of more waiting for homes!

We require the cars to be used at the facility by those children receiving medical care ONLY.

Charities/hospitals are not allowed to resell/auction the cars, we remain owners of them so please only apply if your patients will use them.

To secure a Radio Flyer – the intended recipient organisation should complete a request form below. If you’re a parent or family member please pass this page to the person or people responsible for the organisation to complete.

Currently we’re not raising funds for this campaign, when this changes we will update this page.

MIND - Mental Health Charity

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and to try to remove some of the stigma associated with mental health we’ve partnered with MIND to promote the great work that they do whilst also raising money to continue this work.

In 2019 we sadly saw an owner from our community take their own life so in honour of them, to promote the fact mental health affects us all and to raise funds to help the great work that MIND does we plan to collect money for our ‘Tesla Taxi Service’ at several events in 2020/21.


'Request a Wish' (Children with life threatening or debilitating conditions)

The cars that we’re very fortunate to drive are well known by children as being the ultimate car; with dancing doors, YouTube built in and 0-60 speeds that make you squeal with excitement, however, for many they won’t ever be able to experience this for themselves.

So any parent/guardians of a child in the UK that is undergoing surgery or that has been diagnosed with a life-changing condition may make a wish for us to help with an event, transporting a child + family (to/from a location/s) or similar.

Experience a day as an owner (Adults with life threatening or debilitating conditions)

For many owning a Tesla is one of their lifetime goals but when a life threatening illness or debilitating  condition takes that away from you or a loved one it’s heartbreaking, we will try our best to give you or that Tesla fan a day/afternoon/morning to remember. 

It could be as simple as going out for a drive and grabbing some lunch to a full day out at one of our events. We will do our best to help.

Supporting your charity event (e.g. Rotary Car Show or Christmas parade etc)

Our regional chapters will actively approach to support local charity car events but if you’ve not been contacted and wish for us to attend please reach out and we will do our best to help.

School 'Show and Tell'

To learn more about school visits please visit our educational outreach page

That one child that loves Tesla more than anything else in the world

We hope you can appreciate that we priorities the above requests, however, if you have someone that really knows their Tesla cars to the point they’ve watched every YouTube video and simply want to know even more, we can probably help.