Our mission is to enhance the Tesla ownership experience and help the UK transition to sustainable energy.

Whilst representing 30% of Tesla owners in the UK we deliver a plethora of events nationwide;  support where Tesla cannot or will not; coordination for fundraising and charitable acts; representation to Government & Tesla; education to promote the uptake and adoption of electric vehicles, renewable energy & zero carbon living; and fostering of good relations between Members, Staff, and other supporters of Tesla, and other parties who seek to achieve similar aims and purposes to the Club. 

To maximise utilisation we take a proactive approach with owners to enable onboarding, education and mentorship from before ownership starts to after their first event, then the fun really starts with our in-person events (3 per month across the UK); track days (12 per year); large scale events (circa 200+ owners per event); road trip events; finally numerous discussion groups (circa 32,000 posts with 543,000 comments per year) and guides on our website ensure continued support throughout all aspects of ownership.

To help accelerate Tesla’s mission we engage in continual two-way communication and quarterly meetings with Tesla management to push Tesla to improve, change and react to our needs, this has led to numerous improvements with software, hardware, charging and service over the years. We keep our members up to date via our website (circa 250,000 unique visitors per year); social media (circa 28,000 members); monthly newsletters; regional chapters and approved supplier directory.

Tesla Owners UK is the official UK Tesla Owners Club, and is operated by Tesla Owners UK Limited, a not for profit company limited by guarantee (registration number 12049084). The company’s constitution prohibits any distribution to members or officers, and all funds held are used to further its aims and to benefit its members.

Since inception, our members have helped to raise over £100,000 for charity and have gained the support of Elon Musk himself for both charitable donations and improvements, and we’re only just getting started.

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